Human hair wigs



We prepare human hair wigs for esthetical and religious reasons or in case of sickness, besides we also make top pieces. Human hair wigs are made exclusively in individual size from organic hair tull that does not cause any allergic reaction. The advantages of human hair wigs are that they provide better air ventilation, they are easy to style, can be dyed and they last longer. Besides, the richness of the hair can be selected individually as well. 


The method of preparing a human hair wig 


During the order we take exact measures of the customer, thanks to that the wig will perfectly fit and it won’t slide. On the next occasion the customer can take on the cap and we show them the mixed hair. When everything is perfect we start putting together the actual wig. Each hairbreadth is individually hand-tied to the cap. Finally we fit the wig to the customer’s scalp and face with the help of a built in elastic string. 


Our wig types



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