Our human hair wigs are made individually, according to the needs of the customers.



At first it may seem surprising but wearing wigs was quite fashionable even in ancient times. Historical references revealed that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used differently coloured wigs to smarten their attire. In the 18th century wigs became a symbol of social status as well. Wearing wigs is fashionable today too, however some people need them due to health problems. Our company’s aim is to find the best and most suitable wig or top piece for our customers. Our human hair products are made exclusively in individual size and colour from European hair, besides we sell synthetic hair wigs. In our workshop we also undertake hair extensions, repairing wigs, weaving, preparing clip in extensions, three-pronged braids, hair bands with extension, beards, moustaches and props as well. We welcome special orders.

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